In Glorious Smell-O-Vision!

An one hour documentary film


An immersive scented roadshow experience

“The Time For Smell Is Now"

– Avery Gilbert, Author of What The Nose Knows
Featured Artist, In Glorious Smell-O-Vision!

The Documentary Film

The story of unsung hero and Godfather of scented cinema, osmologist and Swiss inventor Hans Laube, whose Smell-O-Vision! technology was launched in 1960 with Scent of Mystery, a big budget Hollywood feature film shot in Spain, and starring “the most beautiful woman in the world”, Elizabeth Taylor.

Scent of Mystery was not only the FIRST, but also the LAST film to be presented in Smell-O-Vision!. But why?

Australian filmmaker Tammy Burnstock makes it her mission to get to the bottom of what went wrong, along the way uncovering a very human story of scientific innovation, heartbreak and redemption.
In Glorious Smell-O-Vision! is a documentary film that brings to light a previously-untold chapter in cinema history, proving along the way that movies that smell do have a future.

A Scented Roadshow Experience

In intimate vintage theatres around the globe, people will gather to enjoy a participatory celebration of scented cinema. Each audience member will be taken on a journey to the past as they experience smells from the original stinker, Scent of Mystery (1960). Screenings include a scented clue (the rare and exotic Scent of Mystery perfume worn by Elizabeth Taylor), the faint smell of a yellow rose, the heady grape essence of port wine, the musky scent of The Running of the Bulls in Spain and even a scent joke, as Peter Lorre adds a pungent ‘kick’ to his coffee.

All of this as the audience explores the future of cinema that smells, while discovering the true story of Hans Laube, the Swiss scientist who pioneered scented cinema technology.

And there’s more! In the tradition of Cinerama Roadshow presentations from the 50s and 60s, the audience will be treated to a revival of the animated Tale of Old Whiff (1960), a story about a bloodhound Whiff, put to work by an intrepid detective, searching for a museum’s missing dinosaur bone. One small problem, Whiff has anosmia, he’s lost his sense of smell. This original short for Scent of Mystery, lost for over 50 years, has been found! New audiences will scratch and sniff sausage, bone, dog, soap, chocolate, rain, a single violet and a field of flowers, from a dog’s nose view!